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Spongelle Boxed Flowers
New Scents Available for £11.95

New Spongelle scents available in salon:

Honey Blossom £11.95
Freesia Pear £11.95

Turn on the water and a Spongelle body wash infused buffer becomes the last word in pampering! Buy the latest scents in salon now.

Product Promotion
Product Promotion
mary cohr

New Product: Pure Defense SPF15
Multi Protection Cream - £54.24

The latest skin care product from Mary Cohr.

Our skin is exposed to all types of external stress factors and aggression's, many of which could negatively impact and asphyxiate the skin.

Mary Cohr Pure Defense SPF15 Multi Protection Cream acts as a protective shield against external irritants and helps protect the skin so it feels soothed and comfortable, hydrated and radiant.

elemis New product

Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil for £49.00

Watch the video from ELEMIS now
elemis New product

Pro-Collagen Marine Oil for £65