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10% off sun care in July and a FREE gift when you purchase 2 or more sun care products.

Mary Cohr have a sun care range specially formulated to fight against the ageing repercussions of sun exposure. 13 face and body sun creams ranging from factor 20 through to 50+ protect and repair the skin and help fight against sunburn and sun-induced intolerance.


As well as sun protection, the range has sun capsules taken 2 weeks before a holiday to prepare the skin for sunshine, a face moisturiser to prepare and repair the skin, a cooling after sun and an anti-ageing eye serum. SPF 50+ for the delicate skin around the eyes. Formulas come in oils, creams, milk and mist so you can be advised of the right one for you.


Anti-Ageing Body Mist: a beautifully fine mist that is quick and practical to use whilst ensuring head-to-toe sun protection.

Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Cream SPF 50+: Specially formulated to protect the thin and delicate skin around the eye contour, an area requiring specific sun protection.

New Youth "Sun Care": This unique product prepares skin for sun exposure and repairs it afterwards, by boosting the natural defence mechanism.