Featured Treatments


Advanced Catio Vital New Youth Sun Care Facial from Mary Cohr - £58.00

Prepare your skin for a golden tan and fight against signs of ageing during sun exposure. This wonderfully relaxing facial not only gives the skin a deep clean, but moisturises a thirsty skin and regenerates too.

Dynamic ingredients are pushed deeper into the layers of the skin to help stimulate the production of melanin and to act as a tan accelerator. This treatment will help to build and repair the skin cells after exposure to the sun.

The treatment ends with an application of new youth sun care moisturiser. This can be used before and whilst on holiday, preparing the skin for sun exposure, and repairing it afterwards. An excellent product for this time of year!

This July, get a FREE 15ml new youth moisturiser worth £28.50 with every advanced catio vital new youth sun care treatment. A moisturiser to leave your skin more youthful, firmer and radiantly healthy - while stocks last.


Indulgent Elemis Frangipani Massage Treatment - £33.00


This 45 minute treatment starts off with a back exfoliation using the Frangipani monoi salt glow and proceeds with a wonderfully relaxing back massage using exotic oil infused with Frangipani flowers.

Finish with a scalp massage using the NEW Frangipani hair and scalp mask - a luxurious treatment to restore condition and shine to dry, coloured or damaged hair.